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If you're building or remodeling your Dream Home, and considering a Smart Home, this is the place to answer all your tech questions.
Here's what you get with access to TYM U

How To Wire Your Home Course - $497 Value (Available Now)

More than 70 videos, walking you step-by-step through the process of wiring your own home.  All the trade secrets to minimize your time on the project, and make sure you wire your home like a Pro.

How To Design The Perfect System - $997 Value (Available Now)

Our newest course on Designing the Perfect System.  A look at popular platforms Control4 and Savant,  home WiFi, Security, Audio/Video and a brief intro into Home Theater.  We show you our approach to System Modeling, and guide you through designing your own system.

Intro To Wire Termination - $497 Value (Available Now)

Greg, the WIZARD, in his all new course takes you through the best practices for terminating all the wires ends in your home so you're ready for trim.

Designing A Control4 System - $497 Value (Available Now)

Learn how to design a Control4 system for your home.  Matt takes you through the suite of Control4 products, and shows you how to know which products you'll actually want and need for your home as well as how to establish an accurate budget for your Control4 system.

How To Design A Theater - $997 Value (Available Now)

Completed and in beta now, this course shows you how to design a Home Theater, including sound proofing, acoustic treatments, recommendations on speakers layouts, screen and projector selection, seating and more.  You'll be able to design your Theater like a Pro when you're finished.  Will be available to Tym U members early summer.
Future Courses....  Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Home Audio, Networking

A Message From Matt

The concept behind Tym U is really simple.  You want to enjoy your system, and be happy with your investment.  The secret is making sure you have accurate expectations about how the tech in your home can and can't perform.

Our happiest Clients have a working knowledge of basic system design concepts, and today's home tech solutions.  You don't need to be an expert, or even a techie.  You just need the basics so you can make educated choices with realistic expectations.  That's the secret to system design.

Tym U was created with this goal in mind, to answer your questions, and hep you design a smart home you'll love and use.

- Matt Montgomery 
Tym Co-Founder
Frequently Asked Questions
 Do I get access to all of Tym's Digital Courses?
Yes.  Tym U now allows access to all of Tym's Digital Courses.  Premium courses like the Theater Design Course are offered to the general public first in beta groups.  After a trial period they're added to the library for all Tym U members. 
Are the videos the same as the Youtube Videos on Tym's channel?
Tym U core content and videos are built exclusively for Tym U.  You'll find some of the same topics and concepts discussed on Tym's YouTube channel and social media channels, but Matt and his team develop the content specifically for Tym U members.
Can I cancel anytime?
Great news! There isn't a contract, or long term commitment.  Tym U is month-to-month.  We prefer you stay because you want to, not because you have to.  You can manage your subscription through settings of your account when you're logged into your Tym U portal.
Can I use PayPal?
Yes you can.  At checkout, you'll see an option to use PayPal.
How Often Are New Courses Added
The Tym team is working to add one new course a month, until we believe we've covered the essentials.
Still not sure?  Check out a few videos from inside Tym U...

Theater Design

System Design

Wire Termination

Wiring A Home


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