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'The Smart Home Club'

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If you've been looking for a simple way to find the perfect tech for your Smart Home, then you're in the right place! The Smart Home Club started at the request of homeowners like you.

The resources and community inside, simplify the design process, cut through the information overload, and save thousands in the process.

"After hours of searching the web, I can honestly say the amount of knowledge gained for the price is a no brainer!"
- Jesse S.

What's inside?

The Smart Home Club
If you've spent time online researching home tech, you know the information overload is overwhelming. The Smart Home Club is an extension of our Design Service, and helps simplifies the design process for you.  

Inside you'll find videos, design templates, and budget guides, to help you quickly design the perfect system for your home.  When you have extra questions, you have direct access to Tym's Design Team, Ask Away!



Smart Home & Theater

Matt and the team at Tym, walk you through designing your Smart Home, and Home Theater.

Join Us Live Weekly

Join Matt and his team weekly as they design systems, and theaters. Ask questions and give live feedback.



Ask your questions

Join our online group, ask questions directly to Tym's design team, and get personalized feedback.

To design and budget

Our templates will help you quickly design systems, and estimate cost.

"I just want to say thank you! I followed your guide over the last 3 years as I renovated my downstairs. I can't tell you how many times it saved my bacon. To anyone reading this follow the guide."
- Jordan F. 

Is this for you?

Did you know, the average homeowner spends 5-10% of a home's budget on tech?  And 10% of the package is tech you'll never use.

So on a million dollar home, you'll spend $50,000-100,000 on tech, and $5,000-10,000 is for tech you'll never use.

Here's the problem.  Manufacturers are putting enormous financial pressure on dealers to sell you that brands tech exclusively.

It may be a great brand, but odds are you're going to need a hybrid of brands and tech to deliver the personalized experience you want.

 Your challenge is finding unbiased opinions, without influence from the industry overlords.

Some good news...

We were helping a Client in LA with his Smart Home, 
and he said...

"I wish there was a place I could talk with other homeowners, see what they like, what they wish they'd done different, and get help designing my system."

We saw an opportunity to help Clients get unbiased advice on tech, simplify the process, and design personalized systems.

After years of installing Smart Homes, we got out of the install game, made the change to consulting, and launched our design service.

As an extension to the Design Service, we launched
 The Smart Home Club

Here's How It Works

An Extension Of Our Design Service
If you signed up for our Design Service, we'd work one-on-one with you to help design your Smart Home or Theater.

You'll find the same process here, only it's in a more digital form with Video Series, Live System Design, Live Q&A, and more. 

 There's no fluff. We know you don't have hours to waste on videos, but we promise you'll get the help you need designing your system.

Here's How It Helps You


  • DESIGN VIDEOS: Our design series help you navigate the tech, avoid common mistakes, ensure system performance, and maximize your budget.  You'll find a series on Smart Home Design and Theater Design.
  • DIY VIDEOS: If you're planning to do some or all of your wire and install, you'll find video series on how to wire your home,  how to terminate the wires, and basic install.
  • CLEAR EXPECTATIONS: In one of our most popular Video Series, we explain realistically what you can expect from both dealer and builder during construction, an accurate timeline for completion, and what you can reasonably expect for maintenance and follow up. 


Everyone learns differently.  You may not have the patience for videos, and you may want personalized answers and feedback to your questions.

  • WEEKLY DESIGNS: Each week Matt or a member of our award winning design team, designs a Smart Home or Home Theater live.  We discuss current trends, and answer common questions.
  • LIVE Q&A: During and after the Design, we stay on live to answer questions.  We want you to have the same level of access to our design team, you'd get if you were a Design Client.


The Smart Home Club is an extension of our Design Service.  We want you to get the same Direct Access to our design team.

  • ONLINE COMMUNITY: Our online group gives you direct access to our design team to ask questions and get personalized feedback, and hear from other Home Owners in the community
  • DIRECT ACCESS: Direct Access to our Design Team.  This isn't a community where you get lost in all the noise.  It's an extension of our Design Service, you'll have the ability to ask questions directly to our Design Team, and receive personalized answers about your home and design.


You want an easy way to determine the best tech for your home, and to see what it will cost.  Our Design and Budget templates help you easily design a system and budget.

  • DESIGN TEMPLATES: Choose from any of our downloadable design templates, and follow along with the video to easily build your own system and budgets.
  • Quick Budget Calculators:  Our quick budget calculators are perfect if you want a soft budget for your whole system, or a particular piece of tech like Panelized Lighting.

'As a graduate of The Smart Home Club, I cannot be happier to see that it's evolving and all the content gets timely updates.  Thank you Tym for all your hard work!'
- Arturs

This Is Us...

The Montgomery Brothers
The Montgomery brothers launched Tym in 2009.

During our first 10 years, our installs and projects won numerous awards, including Best Home Theater, and Best Smart Home in it's class 
at the CES Show in Vegas 3 years in a row.

We launched a Youtube Channel to highlight our projects and answer the most common questions we hear from Home Owners.

People started sending us their plans from all over the country, asking if we'd consult and help design their Smart Homes and Home Theaters.

That's how our Design Service, and The Smart Home Club came to be.
We turned in our install tools, and put on our consulting hats.

Today our full time gig is designing systems for Clients around the world, and helping our friends in The Smart Home Club!
Custom Smart Home Designs
Award-Winning Projects
Custom Theater Designs

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"If I could give 5,000 stars I would... Highly recommend Tym.  They responded to all my crazy questions and requests and it's clear they enjoy what they do.  Awesome!"
- Chris K.

My Personal Guarantee

Try The Smart Home Club for a month.  If after one month, you feel it wasn't worth your time, we'll give you your money back no questions asked.  I'm confident you'll want to stay a while.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Do I Get When I Sign Up For The Smart Home Club?
After you sign up, you'll have instant access to our whole library of digital resources.  Over 8 video courses with hundreds of videos, digital books on wiring your home and designing a theater, access to current and past live trainings and interviews, and access to our online community on Discord.  You'll have access to all of that for one year.
Can I buy the system from Tym?
Tym is out of the install business.  Other than 1-2 showcase homes a year, we no longer install or program systems.  But we can sell and ship the hardware to you.  You'll learn more about those options inside The Smart Home Club.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes!  We want you to stay because you want to be there, not because you have to be there.  Payments are a month in advance and non-refundable after the first month.
What if I'm not techie?
You don't have to be techie.  While there are DIYers in here, this is built for any homeowner looking to put tech into their home.  We're here to answer your questions in the simplest terms without resorting to technobabble.  For the DIYers, there are resources to go deeper.
Will I be able to ask questions?
Yes! Inside the community you can ask questions to Tym, and homeowners.
 What If I'm Not Satisfied?
Matt says to try it for one month.  If you are unhappy we'll give you your money back no questions asked. After your first month, payments are non refundable.
 Can I Pay With Paypal?
Yes.  You can Pay with Paypal! 

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