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Actual fly-through rendering of a theater design
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Virtual Design
Imagine, design, and experience your 
Dream Theater or Media Room!
Due to demand, and the time commitment involved with each virtual design, designs are limited monthly. If you're seeing this page Right Now, A Few Spots Are Still Available...
Winner - Best Home Theater 
CTA Awards at the CES Show 2019
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From The Desk Of Matt Montgomery
Sandy, Utah
If you're building a home theater or media room, you owe it to yourself to use a virtual design service.  Nothing is worse than regretting decisions with your finished Home Theater.  

We created the Virtual Theater Design Service, so you could experience your Dream Theater before you ever begin building it.

Verify screen size, format and position, seating layout, room decor, colors, and more.   Be 100% confident you're getting exactly what you want!
Imagine, Design, and Experience,
Your Virtual
 Home Theater Design
How It works
1. Send us plans & dimensions for your Dream Space
Media Rooms
Theater Rooms
2. We create a gray scale to confirm layout, site lines, screen size and more...
Media Room Fly-Through
3. Bring your theater to life, and create your virtual renderings
Media Room Fly-Through
Theater Room Image
4. You Approve Your Dream Theater Design
5. Receive plans to provide your builder
5. Receive an estimate for your theater equipment
Why Have TYM
Design Your Theater?
Tym Designs:
A Few Of Our Awards
  • Best Home Theater, CTA Awards at CES 2019
  • Best Home Theater, CTA Awards at CES 2018
  • Best Home Theater, CTA Awards at CES 2017
  • Custom Home Of The Year, CTA Awards at CES 2017
  • Best Home Theater, EH GOLD WINNER, 2017
  • Best Home Theater, EH GOLD WINNER, 2016
Let's be honest, no one cares about awards!  We know.

But... winning 3 years in a row at the CES show in Vegas is no small task.

We just want you to know we've done a cool theater once or twice.

You can be confident in the team that's designing 
Your Dream Theater!
YouR Dream Theater
Start Designing Today!
Frequently Asked Questions:
 How Long Does The Design Take?
Every project is different but the average design takes 2-4 weeks for the first draft.  After we receive final changes from you, it takes 1-2 weeks to send you a final set of plans.
 Will The Plans Have Measurements?
We provide a PDF file to scale.  
 Do We Provide Plans For The Home Builder?
Yes!  We provide to scale plans in a PDF you can give your builder or architect.  Currently we do not provide CAD files.
 Do We Require A CAD File or Plans?
Nope.  We just need exact dimensions of the room.  Even a hand drawn image on a napkin will work, as long as the dimensions are correct, including locations of doors, windows, pillars, etc. 
 Can You Make Changes To The Design?
Yes.  You can request one set of changes to the original plan.  After that, there's a change fee of $497 for each revision.
 Can It Be Experienced Virtually?
Yes.  You can use VR to actually stand in your Theater or Media Room, and experience the space first hand.  However, we're currently only able to provide this feature to clients in our Salt Lake market, or Clients traveling in for a Theater Design consultation.
 Can You Expedite?
Yes!  We do have an expedited service fee.  Our team would discuss a custom timeline with you and go from there.
 Can You Pay With PayPal?
Yes!  Currently we have to send you a separate link for PayPal, but you can pay through PayPal.
 What Is Included With The Design Service?
A Virtual Design, Fly-Throughs, and Images so you can verify your space, confirm screen size, furniture layout, and overall room design/layout.  

We also include a full System Estimate, including Projector, Screen, Speakers, Receiver and Amplifier, Control System, Media Servers, and Seating, along with an Estimate.
 Does This Include Acoustic Design?
No.  The VR Design looks at some basic Acoustic issues including placement of seating and its relationship with sound waves, and optimum placement of speakers, but we do not cover 'acoustic design.' To do that right you should work with an acoustician, usually found at a company that sells acoustic treatments and stretched fabric.
 Can You Purchase The Theater From Tym?
Yes!  While the Design Service is designed to help, even if you use a local provider, or do it yourself, we do have Clients who purchase all the equipment furniture and treatments from Tym.
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