Schedule your Free Project Review, and find out if the design service is a good fit for you.

Schedule a free project review, and find out if the design service is a good fit for you.

Discover 3 easy tips to designing a Smart Home that works...

And save thousands on your home's budget

Hey my friend!  If you're reading this, you're likely in the process of designing or building your dream home.

Odds are you're looking for guidance on your Smart Home and Home Technology package.

Good News! You're in the right place.  My team and I can help.  Let me explain, and don't worry I'll keep it quick, no fluff.
Discover 3 easy tips to designing a Smart Home You'll love...

And save thousands on your home's budget

Hey my friend!  If you're reading this, you're likely in the process of designing or building your dream home.

Odds are you're looking for guidance on your Smart Home and Home Technology package.

Good News! You're in the right place.  My team and I can help.  Let me explain, and don't worry I'll keep it quick, no fluff.

How Do You Know Which Tech Is Best For Your Smart Home?

There is an overwhelming number of Smart Home solutions to choose from.

And you'll find a guru, dealer, or company with strong opinions telling you every solutions is best.

The truth? They're all great systems.

So How Do You Know Which Smart Home Is Best For You?

First, how do you plan
on using the tech in your home?

Here's what I mean.  Say you're in your kitchen, think through how you will use the tech and be very specific.
- Do you want to listen to music, a podcast, or an audio book?

- Do you want to watch ESPN?

- Would you ever want to block the sun coming through the windows while you're eating?

- Do you want a variety of lighting through the kitchen for ambiance: pendants, cabinet, under cabinet, toe kick lights, etc?

- Do you want wall clutter with lots of light switches, or just a single keypad on the backsplash?

- Would you like to be able to easily checkin and see kids at the pool, or who rang the doorbell without leaving the room?
Notice, I didn't ask if you want 'Speakers' or 'Shades?'  I asked how you'll use your system.

Your answers to these questions completely change the direction of your Smart Home.

Here's what I mean.  Clients always ask me...

'If I were building my home today, what Smart Home would I use?'

My favorite Smart Home Platform is Savant.  It's just a personal preference.

As Smart Homes go, I really enjoy the user experience with Savant.

But if I were building my home today, I wouldn't use Savant and here's why...

When I go through my wish list, and how I want to enjoy my home, Savant won't work.

I LOVE Ketra Lighting paired with Lutron Shades and Voice Control.

At the moment, Savant doesn't integrate with, but Control4 does.

So for me to fully integrate the tech I like, I'd have to go with Control4.

Over the weekend, a Design Client sent me plans for an Airbnb. He said ease of use for a guest is the number one consideration.

So we'll design the system very differently for his Airbnb than we would for his own personal home.

Now maybe this is obvious to you, but here's the real problem...

Why The Design Approach Is Critical...

Most systems use a 'System Focused Design' approach.
You want to a 'User Focused Design.'
Go back to our Kitchen example.  Let's say you tell me you want Audio in your kitchen.

Using a System Focus Design approach we'd say great let's set you up with a Control4 Audio Package.

With a User Focused Design approach we'd ask you specifically what you want to listen to?

- Apple Music

- Audio Books from Audible

- Podcast

- TV station like ESPN from another room

So why should this matter to you?

Say you told me you primarily listen to Apple Music.  Well... Apple Music isn't natively supported through Control4.

There are work arounds, but you'd be frustrated with your experience for sure.  If we knew you wanted Apple Music, we'd look at something like Sonos that natively supports Apple Music.

This is 'User Focused Design.'

The Three Causes Of Buyers Remorse, and how to avoid them...

If you don't like your system, it will be for one of three reasons, the Big 3

1. You don't use your system - Either it's complicated, or it doesn't do what you thought it would (you can't play Apple Music, or listen to Audio Books).

2. You have tech you don't want - Now that you live in your home, you understand better what a piece of tech does.  

You don't use it, and never would have purchased it if you understood better what it did in the first place

3. You feel it was a poor investment - Smart Homes on any scale are an investment. The average homeowner spends 5-10% of the homes budget on technology, and larger scale systems often reach 15-20%.

If you're allocating budget from other areas in the home, you want to know you'll be happy with the investment on the other side.
It all comes back to User Focused Design...
If you know how you will use the tech in your own home, you can design a system you'll love for years to come.

Here's The Problem...

The industry wants you to buy its products.  Manufacturers put major financial pressure on Dealers to sell products.

A line like Control4 or Savant, is usually the main source of Revenue for a dealer, and if they don't hit quotas they lose the line.

I'm not suggesting Dealers have bad intentions.  The Dealers I know want you to have a great experience.

But it's a reality, if you tell a dealer you want to 'Listen To Music' they're going to sell you the brand they carry.

Will these designs be poor?  No.

Is it possible for it to end well? Sure.

But more often than not, it's going to have elements of the Big 3.

Some Good News!

For more than a decade we sold and installed award winning Smart Home and Home Theater systems across the country.

A Client from Miami reached out and asked us to Consult on his Smart Home.  It was a huge success.

We started offering designs and consultations to all our Clients, and today it's our primary focus. 

Because we're not reliant on product sales, we don't get the pressure from the overlords to sell you specific lines.

We're free to Design Your system with a User Focused Approach.

If you tell us you want Control4, and midway through the design it's apparent Apple Home Kit is sufficient, we'll help you move that way.

It's your home and your system.  We win if you're happy with the design, not if you buy a specific line.

How Does The Design Service Work?

After you sign up for the Design Service, you send us a set of floor plans, and our Design Team goes to work design a custom system for you.

We break it into two phases.

Phase One:
We design a complete system with 'The Works' and send you the plans which include:

1. A Design Layout - Your floor plan with locations drawn for Speakers, Wireless Access Points, Cameras, Security, Tvs, and more...

2. A System Estimate - A Control4 estimate and design for budget purposes

3. A Prewire Checklist - A checklist of every low voltage wire run, so you know the type of wire, start and end points, and any important wire management.

4. Bulk Wire Estimate - If you're looking to wire your own home, we'll provide a list of bulk wire supplies and pricing.

5. Electrical Notes - A list of key power requirements for your electricians

What you don't want is to move into your home, learn about some tech and think
'Why didn't anyone tell me this was an option!'
That's the goal of phase one.  We send you a full set of plans to help make sure you've considered all the options.

Phase Two:
Is where you dial in the system.

We answer your questions about different options, make adjustments to the plans with your feedback, and dial in the system budget.

The Design Layout helps you see where you should place tech like speakers and wifi access points.

It also helps you see what technology and experience you want to have in every room.

With your feedback and modifications, we make changes to the Design Layout

The Estimates used together with the Design Layout help you set a realistic budget, and make budget related adjustments to your design.  

It also helps you see how you might scale your system in phases over time.

The Prewire Checklist guides you if you plan to wire the home yourself, or verify the person wiring your home does it correctly.

Future Support After you receiver your 2nd and final set of plans, the design service is complete.

But we know you'll have ongoing questions about the tech in your home throughout the build.

To help, we created an online Community called Tym U.

You'll have One Year Access to our online video trainings, and a weekly live training where you can continue to ask questions and get help.

Once a week, a member of our Design Team designs a Smart Home or Theater live, and answers questions.

Throughout your project, you'll be able to ask questions and receive guidance on the tech for your home.

How To Get Started...

Click the link below, and fill out the form on the next page.

After you complete the signup, you'll be given instruction on where to send a PDF copy of your floor plans.

If you have electrical plans, that's a bonus, but a general room layout is sufficient.

A member of our Design Team will be in touch to verify we received your plans and introduce themself.

It will take 10-14 business days for your Design Team to complete Phase 1 of the design, and send you your first set of plans.

When you sign up, you'll receive the following:

1. A Design Layout - know the best locations for Speakers, Cameras, Wifi, etc, and verify the user experience in each room.

2. A Control4, Savant and Amazon Alexa Estimate - You'll be able to establish a realistic budget, compare systems and customize a system for you.

3. Prewire Checklist - Use this if you're planning to wire your own home, and to verify the person wiring your home is running all the correct wires to future proof your home.

4. Bulk Wire Estimate - If you're planning to run your own wire, this will give you a guesstimate of what to order for bulk wire and rough-in supplies.

5. Electrical Notes - A quick list of standard electrical plans for the tech in your Smart Home you can give to your electrician.

6. Access To Tym U Trainings - Over $3,500 in digital courses.  Learn to wire your own home, design a theater, and more.

7. Access To Tym's ALL NEW Community Exclusively For Design Clients - Watch weekly live trainings with one of Tym's Designers as they Design Smart Homes and Theaters. Ask questions, and visit with other Design Clients in the group to see what people around the country are doing in their own homes.

Clients routinely pay us $10,000+ for consulting on their Smart Homes and Home Theaters, and the combined value of the Digital Courses, time and communication with our Design Team is well over $3,500.

But we wanted to make this available for as many Clients as we possibly can.

The goal is to help you Love your Smart Home, not spend a fortune on the Design.

When you sign up today, The Design Service is just $997

Hit the button below and let's get started on your Design!

Who Is Tym 
(Just in case you're wondering)...

If you're new to Tym, you're probably wondering who we are.

We've been designing and installing Smart Homes and Home Theaters for over 10 years.

A few years in, we started winning national awards for our projects.

Three Years In A row we won best Theater In its class, and Once for Custom Smart Home Of The Year at the CES show in Vegas.

Our projects started receiving a lot of national coverage in industry publications and online forums.

We started getting calls from Clients across the US asking if we'd consult on their Smart Homes.

We launched our Design Service, and today we work with Clients from across the states, and countries around the World.
Custom Home Theater & Smart Home Of The Year
Design Client In Boca Raton Florida 2021

Answers To Common Questions...

1. What Type Of File Do We Need?

2. What If You're Remodeling And Don't Have Plans?  It's not ideal, but we do work with hand drawn plans.

3. How Long Does The Design Take?
The First Phase and Draft takes 10-14 Business Days.  The Second Phase depends on the complexity of the system, and the volume and technical scope of your questions and modification request.  Usually it's 48-72 hours for Phase Two, but it can take several weeks.

4. Can You Pay With PayPal?

5. Does Tym Do The Install?
No. We're no longer in the install game.  That's what allows our Design Service to be effective. You'll still want to find a local Dealer.

6. So After The Design I Find A Local Dealer?
Yes.  Think of it like hiring a Design Firm, or Architect for your Home.  Architect Designs the Home, but the builder builds it.  We help you design the system, the local Dealer helps you install it.

This is common in the Commercial side of the industry, and the direction it's going residentially.

7. What Systems Will You Design?
For the Design Service we limit it to Control4, Savant, Amazon Alexa, and Home Kit. We can't provide designs for every outlier out there, OpenHab, Raspberry Pi, etc.  What we've found is these three estimates give you enough context to understand how to substitute parts for almost any system.

8. We Don't Work With Pre-Existing Equipment List, or Shopping List
All designs are done as 'New Systems.'  If you have existing equipment you plan to use like a Surround Receiver, or Speakers that's perfectly fine.  For the purposes of the Designs and Estimates, we'll build it as though you are purchasing all new equipment, and you can substitute what you already have.

Likewise if you have a wish list of products on Amazon, Monoprice, Alibaba, etc, we do not comb through those list and verify compatibility.  We design the systems as 'New Systems.'

9. Does This Include A Panelized Lighting Design?
No.  Panelized Lighting is a $497 Add-On.  It's a completely different design effort.

We're able to provide soft estimates for both Panelized and wireless Lighting, and make recommendations as part of the Design Service, but a 'Panelized Design' that you hand to your electricians requires separate man hours and design specialties not included in the Design Service.

10. Does This Include A 3D Virtual Theater Design?
No.  That's part of our Virtual Theater Design Service, and you can add it anytime.  If you have a theater, or media room, the Design Service does include a layout of equipment, and several theater packages for budget and reference, but the VR Renderings and room design are part of a separate service.

Let's Get Started...

Enough with the questions, let's get started.  If you're ready to go hit the button below!
P.S. If you're like me and skip to the end of sales letters here's the scoop.

Our Team has been designing and installing systems across the country for the last decade.

After receiving a lot of attention online for some major awards we won at the CES Show in Vegas for Home Theater and Smart Home Design, we started putting all our energy into Designing Systems for other Clients.

We got out of the Install side of the business, and today focus exclusively on Design and Consulting for Smart Homes and Home Theaters.

You send us a PDF of your floor Plans.  We send you back a full set of plans, including a system estimate.

We also give you One Year access to Tym U with $3,500 in digital Courses and Trainings, and exclusive access to our online community for Design Clients, where we go live once a week, design systems, and answer your questions.

It's $997, and you can sign up and get started here!
Want to visit with someone to make sure the Design Service is right for you before you signing up, hit the chat link in the corner, or schedule a quick free phone call with the calendar below.

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