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Design Your 
Dream Smart Home!
  • Digital Smart Home Layout ($997 Value) Tym's award winning team, will design a custom Smart Home Layout for your home.
  • Smart Home Design and Estimate ($997 Value) a custom Smart Home Design for your home, with budget. This will include a list of electronics and estimated labor and programming costs..  
  • Wiring Design and Checklist ($997 Value) a checklist of every wire run, the type of wire needed, start and end points, and wire management tips for your system.
  • Bonus 1 ($3,500 Value) One Year Access To Tym U Digital Courses and Trainings.  Learn how to wire your own home, design a theater, and much more.
  • Bonus 2 ($97 Value) A complete list of wiring supplies, including bulk wire estimates, cable management supplies in case you're thinking about wiring the home yourself.
  • Bonus 3 ($97 Value) Notes for your electrician. Whether it's a Projector, Shades, or your Media Closet you'll need help from your Electrician, we provide notes you can share so you can rest easy.
  • Exclusive Online Community Access (Bonus) Exclusive access to Tym's online community reserved for Design Clients.  Once a week the Design Team designs a system or theater live, and answers your questions.  Hear from other members around the country and learn from tech they're choosing for their homes and why.
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