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Over 70 Videos!
  •  Wire Diagram Videos: A video reviewing schematics and wire diagrams for every section, so it's clear where wires should be running
  •  Home Audio: How to wire your home audio, landscape speakers, volume controls, and digital keypads
  •  Surround Sound: How to wire surround sounds, subwoofers, soundbars, and projectors for your theater
  •  Home Network: How To prep the home for your Internet Service Provider, wire Access Points/Hotspots, and ethernet connections
  •  TV: How to wire for cable/satellite providers, and to wire the TV
  •   Surveillance: How to wire cameras for your surveillance system
  •  Security: How to wire your keypads, door/window, motion, glass breaks and more
  •  And More: How to wire intercoms, video doorbells, fireplaces, touchscreens and more
  •  Wire Management: Learn the pros tricks to quickly managing wire runs, to protect them from construction, and make the wires easy to trim

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