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'How To Wire A Smart Home'
  • Over 70 pages of Pro Tips For Wiring A Home
  • Learn what wires to run for every application
  • ​Cut the project time in half with these pro tips 
  • Learn how to run and manage the wire
  • ​Be confident the home is wired right for the future
'The book is for anyone building a Smart Home, not just DIYers. Whether you plan to wire it yourself, or hire a Dealer, it's going to give you the Confidence your home is being wired right for today's tech, and the future!' - Matt
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'How To Wire A Smart Home'
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  • ​Learn how to manage the wires at the Media Rack
  • ​Discover how to bring the Internet and Satellite into the home
  • Learn Matt's favorite trick for cutting the wiring time in half on any project.
We launched Tym U in response to request from our Design Clients.  There's a lot of info out there about your home's tech to unpack.

The Goal is simple, we want to help you have a Smart Home you'll love, and a positive relationship with your dealer for years to come.

The initial response has been AMAZING! We're excited to invite more people to join us there.
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#1 Selling Book on Wiring a Smart Home!
Instant Access Tym's Video Series
'How To Wire A Smart Home'
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#1 Selling Book on Wiring a Smart Home!
Instant Access Tym's Video Series
'How To Wire A Smart Home'
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'How To Prewire Your Smart Home'

There's no catch, and no strings attached.  We hope you'll
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