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Matt Montgomery
Dear Friend,

If you've wondered if you should include a Smart Home in your dream home, 
if you've wondered whether Control4, Crestron, Savant, or Alexa is best...

If you've questioned whether you need controlled lighting, shade control, home audio, or wanted to make sure you have the best possible WiFi...

If you've researched Google, read blogs, even met with your local dealers, and if you still feel overwhelmed and unsure which tech is best for your home...

Then this letter is for you.  Here's why...

But First... A Surprising Discovery
We created the Design Service, because Clients like you were asking for it.  They would watch our Youtube Videos, or read our blogs...

And eventually they'd call us and say 'Hey can you help design my system?'

After enough request came in, we decided to offer the service to everyone.

Since launching, the response has been overwhelming!  In recent months, we've designed 133 systems for Clients all over the nation.

I started reaching out to Clients to understand what they liked most about the Design Service, and I discovered something interesting...
You Want Control...
Let me explain...

A question I hear all the time is 'Do I have to work with a Dealer?' 

I've come to realize  when someone asks me this, what they're really saying is that you want to be in control of the process.  

Can you identify with one of these...
  • You Are A DIYer... you want to wire your own home, install your own Media Rack, and even program your own system.
  •  Done With You... You want to be more hands on, assist in the wiring of your home, or installing the theater, but you still want professional guidance and help.
  • Done For You... You want someone to consult with, help you make an educated decision about the tech in your home, and then have them do the work.
Wherever you identify, you want to maintain control of the process.  

You want to use the tech that's best for you.  Not what the dealer is peddling. 
Which System Is Best?
There's so many different solutions out there,  Control4, Savant, and Crestron (to name a few). 

Then you have the more DIY friendly solutions like Amazon Alexa, 
or Google Assistant.

How do you know which system is Best? 
  • ​You're probably thinking I'll tell you that one system is best right?   Wrong!   It's never about the 'Best System' 
  • ​The truth about the 'Best System' is that proper System Design is everything,  and chances are it's different than you think
When we design a system there are 3 guiding principles...

You Want A System That Just Works
At some point in almost every design process, a Client asks 'is this system going to work?' 

It's sort of the pink elephant in the room, but nearly everyone has a friend, family member or colleague who has a system that doesn't work.

You want a system that JUST WORKS!

And a system that's EASY TO USE
  • ​The single best way to ensure your system works, and is easy to use, is a design process called system modeling
  • ​We'll show you how to guarantee the most reliable system performance.  You can count on your system to work for that party you're throwing, or to help you wind down at the end of the day.
When we started Designing Systems for Clients all over the nation, we knew we had to design systems that were reliable. 

 We couldn't afford to fly all over the nation servicing systems.  Tym's process of System Modeling made it possible.

Here's what one of our first Design Clients had to say about his experience.
The Truth About Future Proofing... 
These days, it's expected that a system be 'Future Proofed,' but that's actually one of the most important elements to a well designed system.

At some point, you're going to want to add to your system.  We see this all the time with Cameras, Home Audio, Shades, Lighting, Surround Sound...

As you start enjoying one aspect of your Smart Home, you realize you want more of it throughout the home.

You want A System Design that allows for growth and adaptability.  We'll show you:
  • How To Wire Your Home Correctly: Use proper wiring to be ready for system growth, as well as future technology
  • How To Design Your System For Expandability: You might assume todays hardware is all expandable.  Wrong! It's not.  Learn the right gear to use.
You want to Maximize your Budget...
Maximizing your system budget should be a critical component to your system design.

The truth is, too many clients over pay for their systemsThat's one of the worse things that can happen. 
  • ​There's a simple reason why, you don't understand everything in the estimate.  So you purchase items you don't need, and will never use.
There's a lot of really cool tech out there, but that doesn't mean all of it needs to go in your home. 
  • ​The single best way to maximize your budget, is to tailor the system design to your application
You'll hear from Steve Cerrato below, but when we first met with him, he was over on his budget, and wanted lighting control.

I noticed other companies had spec'd out 'Video Distribution.'  It's a great product, but it wasn't something Steve was ever going to use.

By dropping Video Distribution it gave him more than enough to do what he wanted with Lighting Control.

It's not about purchasing 'Discount Products' or 'bargain shopping,' maximizing your budget is about designing the system around your life style and home
So Why Should You Listen To Me?
I won't bore you on my credentials.  My company and I were fortunate to win more than a dozen national awards for Theaters and Smart Homes.

We started receiving a fair amount of national coverage in industry magazines and online forums after winning our first awards at the CES show in Vegas
for best Home Theater, and Best Custom Smart Home.

Clients started writing in from all over the nation asking us for help designing their Theaters, and Smart Homes.

We started a Youtube Channel, and regular blog to answer these questions, but Clients were asking for a more hands on service.

So... we created the Design Service.  We're in our 3rd year now.  We've designed systems for Clients all over the nation.

In fact, we even design systems for Dealers in our industry.  Check out Aussies testimonial below...
Hear what others are saying.
As you read through this you'll notice, there's a DIYer, a Done With You, and a Done For you example.  Whatever the case may be, the Design Service is able to help.
UTAH Design & Install
Shawn wanted to make sure his Dad did his home right.  His Dad wanted to wire the home himself, so we helped them do that, and then they asked us to help install and program the system later.
LA, CALIFORNIA -  Design for Tear Down and Rebuild
Chris was looking for help on a tear down and rebuild in Los Angeles, he sourced his equipment and labor locally, but wanted consulting to figure out the perfect setup for his home.
MIAMI, BEACH -  Design and Install
Steve Cerrato worked with us for his dream home near Miami Beach. He ended up purchasing most the equipment from us, and installing it himself. Here's what he had to say about His experience:
CALIFORNIA -  Aussie K Lighting Design
Aussie is a very successful lighting designer and integrator in California, working on some of the most prestigous homes in his market.  Aussie regularly uses Tym's Design services for his Clients.  Hear what he has to say...
So What Are You Going To Get
If you're building your Dream Home, you want answers to these questions:
  • Which System Is Best For Your Home, Budget and Application?
  •  What Wire Should You Use To Future Proof The Home?
  •  What Will The System Cost?
  •  How Much if any can you do yourself? 
Here's how we'll help you answer those questions:

Design Layout - $997 Value

Using a copy of your floor plan, we'll provide a color coordinated design, showing locations for all the following tech in your home:
  • Home Audio: Indoor and Outdoor Audio
  •  Surround Sound: Primary and secondary surround 
  •  Media Room and/or Theater: Including proposed seating, Projector & Screen, 
  •  Network and WiFi: Ethernet, Phone, and Wifi Access Points
  •  Surveillance: Recommended Camera Locations, Video Doorbell, and Gate Keypads
  • Security
  •  TV & Video
  •  Shades
  •  Touchscreens and Keypads
  •  And more...

Full System Design & Estimate - $2,997 Value

A complete system designed, customized to your home and application:
  • 3-in-1 Design:  You'll receive 3 System Designs and estimates so you can compare.
  • Control4 Design: A Control4 system design, fully compatible with Control4
  • Savant System Design: A Savant system design, fully compatible with Savant
  • DIY System Design: A Stand alone system, utilizing popular DIY products
  • Complete Tech Design: Includes Network, Security, Surveillance, Home Audio, Theater, TV & Video Distribution, Shade, Lighting Control, and more... 

The Ultimate Prewire Checklist - $597 Value

Checklist calls out Every Wire Run in home, recommends wire type, gives start and end points, and cable management tips
The perfect checklist and guide, if you're planning to wire your own home, or pay someone to do it.  You'll be confident it's done right with this guide.

1 Hour Phone Consultation - $297 Value

A member of our award winning design team, will review your design with you, and answer your questions about your Smart Home.

1 Free Revision - $997 Value

You want a system that's truly tailored to you.  That's why we give you a free phone consultation, and then provide an updated and revised set of plans.  We want you to feel confident the system really is the best possible fit for you!
We Had Two Choices...
That's a HUGE VALUE of  $5,885.  Obviously I'm not going to charge $5,885.

Although a Design Client recently paid us $10,000 for help designing his system in Boca Raton, and a Client in Tennessee said we need to charge $3,000.

But that's not our goal with the Design Service.

Smart Homes should be FUN and EASY to use for everyone.  If they're designed right, they are.  

My goal is really simple... I want to help you have a system you enjoy.

So it's just one easy payment of $997
My Personal Guarantee...
Purchase the Design Service, and if you don't like the results, just email me and I'll give you all your money back. 

I'm taking a risk by doing this, I can't get back the hours my team spends designing and answering your questions, or the design plans that we send you.

But I'm confident you'll be happy with the service.  So I'm giving you my personal guarantee...

If we haven't answered whether Control4, Crestron, Savant, or Alexa is best for your home...

If we haven't helped you navigate Lighting Control, Voice Control, your
home WiFi...

And if we haven't save you hours on Google researching for answers...

Then I'll give all your money back no questions asked.

But Wait there's more...
We could stop there, but we've learned from our Design Clients in the past there's still more you'd love to have.  So as a BONUS... when you sign up today, you'll also get:
  • Bulk Wire Supplies List:  No need to worry if you're buying the right supplies, you'll get a complete list of supplies, quantities, and prices to wire your own home.
  • Electrical Notes: Your electrician will need notes on power requirements. We'll provide notes the Electrician will understand so you can be confident you have what you need.
  • Wiring Diagrams: If you or the individual wiring your home wants actual diagrams, we're providing generic diagrams, showing the wire runs from start to finish.
  • ​Discounts on Hardware:  Receive exclusive discount on Electronics, Control Systems, and more... 
  • Discounts On Tym Digital Products: Exclusive discount on Tym U - our online community with exclusive access to all our Digital Courses (discount not retroactive if you already are a member of Tym U)
Design The Perfect Smart Home 
For Your Dream Home Today!
All your questions answered by Tym's award-winning team
  • Design Layout: Easy to follow layout, showing locations of all tech in your home - $997 Value
  • Full System Design & Estimate: Savant, Control4, and DIY system design and estimate - $2,997 Value
  • Ultimate Prewire Checklist: A complete list of every single wire run in your home - $597 Value
  •  1 Hour Phone Consultation - Review your plans, ask your questions with our award winning design team - $297 Value
  •  1 Plan Revision - A fully revised set of plans, with your notes and feedback - $997 Value
  •  Bonuses - Bulk Wire Estimate, Electrical Notes, Exclusive Discounts on Hardware and more
1 Easy Payment Of
A $5,885 Value
    Guarantee You'll Love it!
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    It's my Personal Guarantee, if we don't help you undersatnd whether Control4, Crestron or some DIY solution is best for you, 

    If we don't help you navigate the other technical questions in your home for lighting control, audio control, home wifi, security, and more

    Send me an email, and I'll give you your money back no questions asked.
    P.S. If you're like me, and skip to the bottom to see the Offer, here's the quick version.

    After Clients continued asking us for help to design their systems, we launched the Design Service.

    We help you Design a custom system for your home, that maximizes your budget, and that's guaranteed to work, while saving you all the hours researching on Google.

    The Design Service includes:
    • Design Layout: Easy to follow layout, showing locations of all tech in your home - $997 Value
    • Full System Design & Estimate: Savant, Control4, and DIY system design and estimate - $2,997 Value
    • Ultimate Prewire Checklist: A complete list of every single wire run in your home - $597 Value
    •  1 Hour Phone Consultation - Review your plans, ask your questions with our award winning design team - $297 Value
    •  1 Plan Revision - A fully revised set of plans, with your notes and feedback - $997 Value
    •  Bonuses - Bulk Wire Estimate, Electrical Notes, Exclusive Discounts on Hardware and more
    It's a $5,885 value and I'm offering it to you today for one easy payment of $997.

    And if after you've received the Design, if you feel we haven't answered your questions, I'll give you your money back.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What Exactly Is The System And Prewire Design?
    The Prewire and System Design Service is a comprehensive plan, with easy to follow instructions so you can DIY your own home, or confidently supervise the contractors who do it for you.  It covers all the major Technology in your home, including your Home Network, Security & Surveillance, Theater & Surround, Home Audio and Home Automation.  It's like having one of our designers and installers watching over your shoulder every step of the way. Pretty cool right! 
    Is This For Me?
    Over the years I've noticed Clients use our Prewire and System Design Service for one of the following reasons. If any of these sound like you, then the Prewire and System Design is for you!  You're planning to DIY the system.  You want to be knowledgeable to Supervise contractors.  You want a 3rd party design for comparison. You're on the fence about Smart Homes, and looking to Research.  You build homes, or you're an electrical contractor and want a plan to follow.
    Will The Design Be Current With Tomorrow's Technology?
    While it's impossible to ever completely future proof your home, we design the system with the latest technology in mind, and with a goal of future proofing the system as far into the future as we can anticipate at this time.
    Will The Design Work For Any System?
    Yes! There's a variety of Smart Home and Audio/Video solutions to choose from. Our designs are compatible with all the major Smart Home Platforms and solutions on the market today like Control4, Savant, etc.  Prewire techniques are universal and work across multiple platforms and applications. Where there are variables to consider like whether or not to pull Fiber, we will make suggestions.
    What if I have Questions or Problems?
    We pack a ton of resouces and how-to into this package, and our Clients usually feel like experts when we're all finished. That's not hype either. But we're here every step of the way if you have questions, and our team spends enormous time helping you with revisions, phone calls, and answering your questions throughout the process.  That's our favorite part of this, getting to know and work with you personally.
     What If I'm Not Satisfied?
    Either you're 100% satisfied about the service, or you're money back.
     Can I Pay With Paypal?
    Yes.  You can Pay with Paypal!
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